RedditReddit is a user-generated community in which members submit post and links. As with all social media platforms, it has great potential for marketers who want to get more eyeballs on their content and reach new untapped audiences. In fact, statistics show that the site has a lot of traction for e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay. However, unlike other social media platforms, Reddit does not provide a space for businesses, so you need to join as an individual and interact in a personal way. If you’re new to marketing on Reddit, here are 5 tips on doing it well:

  1. The Reddit community is very wary of marketers and PR people, especially when they attempt to masquerade as innocent users. But marketers who identify themselves as representatives of a company and offer special deals only for Reddit users, can be pretty successful in driving traffic and conversions.It’s best to participate on Reddit before posting, by commenting, voting and posting content from other websites so that users get to know you before you start promoting your own brand.
  2. A big advantage for marketing on Reddit is the existence of subreddits. There are subreddits on almost any topic you can dream up. All you have to do is find the right niches to post in. It’s pretty hard to make it to the holy grail of the front page of Reddit, but much easier to rank high on a subreddit page.
  3. Social media strategist Brent Csutoras points out that each subreddit has its own rules and etiquette, so you need to spend some time reading up on the individual subreddit’s regulations to find out which types of sites you can link to and what kind of contributions are valued there. Get to know the moderator too, and stay on his or her good side.
  4. Another way to use Reddit for marketing is to advertise on the site. Similar to Google Adwords, the ads will appear on relevant pages and subreddits and you pay per click. The Ask Me Anything (AMA) feature is also an awesome way to connect with the audience. This works better if the brand is already well-known or has been interacting for a while on Reddit. As an example, a marketer of women’s fashion can open up a discussion via AMA about the latest fashion trends or the best places to get deals on swimsuits for the summer.
  5. If your business has a blog (and it should) you can drive traffic to excellent content on the blog. Spending some time browsing the site can give you an idea what kinds of content resonate with Reddit users. Write an article that will appeal to them, post it on the appropriate subreddits, and wait for users to vote it up. Make sure your blog post is linked to your main e-commerce site and to the specific products you are referencing.

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