Hadassah Levy

Time Management in the Digital AgeMulti-tasking

  • Your brain can’t process two totally dissimilar streams of information at once. You can’t remember them both short-term, let alone long-term.
  • Every time your brain switches from one task to another, it requires time to adjust. Fewer switches mean less time wasted.
  • When safety or productivity are at stake, it is important to focus on one task at a time.
  • This is especially difficult in today’s world, where social networks, email and phones are constantly vying for our attention.

Work-life balance

  • Fast communication has fostered expectations that every email will be answered immediately and every ringing phone needs to be answered. Besides cutting into productivity during work hours, this can disrupt your leisure and family time as well.
  • Working all hours of the day causes exhaustion and less productivity at work as well.
  • Better management of work hours and… Continue reading


SMX Israel - Mary Weinberg

Marty Weinberg finds a baby to cuddle at SMX Israel. Photo courtesy of Real Jerusalem Streets.

SMX Israel is the country’s most well-known SEO conference. This year it took place at the Inbal Hotel on January 6. There were many dynamic and exciting speakers and some important information imparted.

Kahena Digital has already written about the more technical SEO lessons learned at this year’s SMX Israel, so I would like to share some of the social media lessons:

  • Gil Reich talked about the dangers of looking like a content scraping site even if you aren’t one. He advised web designers and developers to invest in making sure the site design reflects its quality content.
  • Jon Burg suggested that if you are tweeting for a company and customer complaints come through Twitter, don’t present it as a problem. This will… Continue reading

As a person interested in all things Jewish, I have been following the Jew in the City brand on Facebook for a while.  About four months ago, I started seeing postings about an upcoming video.

Some examples:

We’re setting up filming gear as @alexanderclare does sound checks. Unreal!!

the outfit for today’s shoot is by KAVIARRI (thanks, guys!) and a big thank you to JITC stylist Sharon Langert of Fashion-Isha who makes sure that everything looks perfect from head to toe! 🙂

i film MY part for the all stars video on Wednesday morning. better learn my lines!!

My husband (who is a corporate attorney in the city) and I both agree that finishing up this video has made me more busy than a corporate attorney! (He also told me I need to take a vacation when it’s over).

Notice… Continue reading

TypewriterA blog can be a great tool for driving traffic to a website. Interesting fresh content will increase traffic coming from the search engines and enrich your social media presence. Once visitors get to the blog, they will get a feel for the business and the expertise it offers. This should increase conversions and bring you more sales.

Once you have determined that your business would benefit from a blog, the next step is deciding who will write it. There are a few choices:

  • Write it yourself
  • Have one of your employees write it
  • Outsource the blogging work

Write it yourself

You are likely to be the top expert in your exact niche, so a blog written by you would be of high quality. But if writing is not your forte or you don’t have time for it, consider sharing… Continue reading

Israel Advocacy and Social Media

Photo courtesy of Sharon Altshul, The Real Jerusalem Streets

I was lucky enough to present a joint workshop with Arnie Draiman on the subject of Israel advocacy and new media for the Israel Research Fellowship. Arnie spoke about the battle for objectivity on Wikipedia. He spends about an hour a day making sure that facts are checked and verified on the online encyclopedia and that anti-Israel bias is not allowed to stand. He encourages all pro-Israel advocates to join the “wiki war.”

One of the things I learned from Arnie is that the Israeli-Arab conflict is such a controversial subject on Wikipedia that it has its own rules. Changing text back to its previous version can’t be done as often on this subject as it can be for other, less controversial, topics. Another interesting fact is that while Facebook… Continue reading



A story: Last night one of the computers in our house refused to recognize our wifi. I played with it for a while and even called our internet provider who said this was a computer issue, not an internet issue, and couldn’t help me. After quite a bit of frustration, I made a smart decision and tweeted “One laptop in the house refuses to recognize wifi while other is working fine. Ideas?”

Within minutes I had a tweet back from @LotusEvangelist (Keith Brooks) who made suggestions until he helped me figure out what was wrong. Turns out that despite the difficulty of shutting off the wifi button on this computer, someone had actually managed it. Once I turned it back on, voila – everything was back to normal!

This is not the first time that I have found computer… Continue reading


Do you need post to social media manually?

There are a number of services which allow you to automatically send new web content from your website directly to your social media accounts. The question is:  Should you use them?

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of automatic posting.



  • You have  a lot going on. We all do. Sitting in front of social media for hours at a time takes you away from other priorities. Automated posts allow you to appear active even when you can’t be.
  • Posting directly from a feed means you never forget to share your blog posts and articles. All the information goes right to your social media accounts and you don’t even have to think about it.
  • You can update your community in other parts of the world without having to… Continue reading
Twitter unfollow

Photo source: elainefogel.net

Twitter is not all about numbers. Following people so they will follow you is good practice ONLY if these people are interested in what you have to say and interesting to you.

If your Twitter feed is full of irrelevant tweets, you aren’t part of a community anymore. You can’t find the tweets you should be responding to and you are missing the important information coming through your feed, since it is swallowed up by all the other stuff. At most, you can talk to yourself.

If you have reached this point, it is time to start pressing that unfollow button. Unfortunately, you need to do this manually (mass unfollowing apps are based on who hasn’t tweeted lately or isn’t following you). Purge all bots, internet marketers (unless you are one) and Forex traders (once again, unless… Continue reading

Bloggers with Peres at Israeli Presidential Conference

Bloggers with Peres at Israeli Presidential Conference

The Israeli Presidential Conference, which took place June 19-21, was the largest conference I had ever attended. There were quite a lot of bloggers there, as the organizers invited them to come as members of the press. Since there were a ton of sessions and each person could only attend so many, my perspective on the conference would be quite narrow. So I have asked various blogger friends of mine to tell us about their best lesson and biggest disappointment from the conference.

Hannah Katsman, A Mother In Israel

The best part was exposure to brilliant minds from all over the world. The worst was the lack of discussion of social issues affecting children and families.

Elli Fischer, Adderabbi

Biggest lesson: If you walk around like a macher, people will treat you… Continue reading

Kishor Conference

The Real Jerusalem Streets by Sharon Altshul http://www.rjstreets.com

Today I attended the Kishor Conference, a day-long event for women who run businesses or are planning on starting one. The atmosphere was friendly, with great networking opportunities. The workshops were of excellent quality and the food was wonderful (that’s an important aspect of a conference too).

There were many important marketing lessons imparted at the conference. Here are some of my personal favorites:

  • Consider doing volunteer work which results in exposure. (Hadassah Rosenberg)
  • Continuing education can be a way to get ahead when others are working longer hours and getting promoted sooner. (Hadassah Rosenberg)
  • Perfect your elevator pitch by focusing on the customer’s problem, what you offer and how it will benefit him. (Naomi Elbinger)
  • Luxury items can be priced more expensively than necessities regardless of their true value. (Issamer… Continue reading