Branding SecretsYesterday’s Temech Conference afforded the opportunity to hear two very smart women share their insights about branding for a business or organization.

Jamie Geller began the morning by telling her personal story and explaining how her story is part of her brand. As she says, “No one can be you but you.” A brand is something that customers can believe in, so logos, taglines, web presence etc. should all connect to your audience’s emotions. Your voice and your mission are what distinguish you from the competition. Combine that with a clear statement of what problem you solve with your service or product, and you have a successful brand.

Jamie emphasized the “three golden circles” – why, how and what. Ordinary brands focus on the “what” – the product or service itself. Extraordinary brands are more concerned with “why,” then the “how” and only lastly focus on the “what.” For example, Apple is not a company which manufactures computers which are easy to use. Instead, they want to revolutionize the digital world by making easy to use computers. Figure out the “why” of your brand and put it at the forefront of all your marketing messages.

Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll took these ideas to the next level in her afternoon workshop. She discussed identifying what you do, beyond the simple definition. Think about what emotion you are selling. How will people feel after they have used your service or purchased your product?

Hone in on what makes your brand different from the other similar brands. This could be expertise, education, your network or experience. It could be your local location, inexpensive prices or guarantee.

Next, identify your audience and figure out what they want to hear from you. One way to do this is by listening to your customers. Ask them why they chose you, what made them come back and what would make them even happier. If you can’t ask them directly, pay attention to their reactions to see what’s working and what’s not.

Focus your marketing on speaking to your audience in the language that speaks to them. Make sure they know what results they can expect from your brand and how they will feel when they avail themselves of it. Using these strategies across all your marketing platforms will help you grow your business.

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