TypewriterA blog can be a great tool for driving traffic to a website. Interesting fresh content will increase traffic coming from the search engines and enrich your social media presence. Once visitors get to the blog, they will get a feel for the business and the expertise it offers. This should increase conversions and bring you more sales.

Once you have determined that your business would benefit from a blog, the next step is deciding who will write it. There are a few choices:

  • Write it yourself
  • Have one of your employees write it
  • Outsource the blogging work

Write it yourself

You are likely to be the top expert in your exact niche, so a blog written by you would be of high quality. But if writing is not your forte or you don’t have time for it, consider sharing… Continue reading

Like it or not smartphones are quickly taking over the mobile world. These devices are revolutionizing our daily routine, particularly the method in which we communicate with the world. Many of us, read, play, make purchases, tweet or perhaps make a call to others with our fancy phones.


With mobile apps on the rise, brands need to modify their channels of customer care to be more than just a mobile version of their FAQ page. The valuable real estate of a branded icon on a phone means that a personalized care solution must exceed the dreaded ‘next available representative’ we’ve become accustomed to.

One of the biggest challenges for an app is that the customer support needs to be on call and available at any given moment.  Whether  in China, the US or New Zealand the user expects that… Continue reading

While Google successfully ousted Apple in their recent Nexus 7 video campaign (to read why click here), products in other markets are also stepping up their game in the viral video marketing space. Old Spice is literally flexing its ad muscles with Terry Crews’ interactive (yes, interactive) Vimeo clip.

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

This campaign is probably best described as ad on steroids. Even the ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, admitted on their blog:

“Never has so much stupidity and technological breakthrough been combined into one thingy.”

In the video, the former football player and Expendables 2 actor combines his role as the Old Space spokesperson with his ripped physique and a zeal for blowing things up.
Terry Crews is featured as a herculean one-man-band with nodes connected to every (well, almost) muscle on… Continue reading


Do you need post to social media manually?

There are a number of services which allow you to automatically send new web content from your website directly to your social media accounts. The question is:  Should you use them?

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of automatic posting.



  • You have  a lot going on. We all do. Sitting in front of social media for hours at a time takes you away from other priorities. Automated posts allow you to appear active even when you can’t be.
  • Posting directly from a feed means you never forget to share your blog posts and articles. All the information goes right to your social media accounts and you don’t even have to think about it.
  • You can update your community in other parts of the world without having to… Continue reading

Over the past couple of months, I’ve attend several conferences, tweetups and networking meetings. Each of them have offered a unique perspective on developments within the industry and offered some great takeaways for the audience. (You can read about the tomrrow2012 conference here, or the JWP session here).

On Sunday, I attended Sweetup2012. While I knew that males would clearly be the minority, the top-notch panelists were what really enticed me to drive to New York City (the insanely overstuffed SWAG bag didn’t hurt either). While the lack of wifi reduced the live tweeting, the incredible mounds of colorful candies that were all over the tables sweetened that potentially sour note.


When asked why the name Sweetup? Organizer Abbey Wolinsaid “because we love sweets and we love sweet dreams. Which is basically what’s going on… Continue reading

Thursday’s Panel Discussion on “The Tomorrow of Jewish Philanthropy” painted a rather unique picture of the future of philanthropy; considering that a majority of the panelists were representatives of the Jewish Agency/ Keren Hayesod from their respective countries. While these leaders can offer insight into one of the directions in which philanthropy is headed, their opinions represent a small portion of the actual philanthropic landscape. The only non-Keren Hayesod panelist was Brandeis President, Professor Fredrick M. Lawrence whose insights and comments were unique within the mix.

The goal of the panel was to highlight how Jewish Philanthropy has adapted itself in light of the younger generation’s change in position towards philanthropy, technological developments, and other challenges that affect the Jewish fundraising environment.

Several statements shed light on emerging trends on where non-profit professionals should begin to invest the limited staff… Continue reading

Bloggers with Peres at Israeli Presidential Conference

Bloggers with Peres at Israeli Presidential Conference

The Israeli Presidential Conference, which took place June 19-21, was the largest conference I had ever attended. There were quite a lot of bloggers there, as the organizers invited them to come as members of the press. Since there were a ton of sessions and each person could only attend so many, my perspective on the conference would be quite narrow. So I have asked various blogger friends of mine to tell us about their best lesson and biggest disappointment from the conference.

Hannah Katsman, A Mother In Israel

The best part was exposure to brilliant minds from all over the world. The worst was the lack of discussion of social issues affecting children and families.

Elli Fischer, Adderabbi

Biggest lesson: If you walk around like a macher, people will treat you… Continue reading

Writer's blockBlogging and content writing for non-profits is creating and sharing relevant and valuable content that attracts, educates, motivates, and inspires your constituents and supporters to become your ambassadors and help you achieve your mission.

For some reason instead of producing regular content, which establishes a reputation, brand and customer outreach, organizations get hung up aiming too high. Organizations believe that if they are not privy to cutting edge research, new technology, or breaking news, then they should not say anything. Or as the archaic marketing message goes “remain silent unless spoken to.”

This theory is long gone. If an organization wants to remain relevant, they need to wake up and take control of the reins of their own destiny! Social media branding is based on who is talking the most.

What does an organization talk about when there’s nothing to… Continue reading

Web 2.0 is all about producing content, whether on blogs, social media channels or other communities. But what do you do when you have nothing to contribute to the conversation?

There’s no such thing! Sometimes the ideas flow and sometimes you need some help, but you can always find something to say:

  • Content curation – If you read lots of articles, blogs posts, news stories and social media posts, you can be the one to tell others what’s going on online. Create social media round-ups or link to important and interesting stories with a short comment or analysis from you. Choose a news story and tell your readers why it is important. Let your readers know where you get your information from and why you have chosen these sources.
  • Google for ideas – If your usual sources aren’t inspiring you,… Continue reading