Like it or not smartphones are quickly taking over the mobile world. These devices are revolutionizing our daily routine, particularly the method in which we communicate with the world. Many of us, read, play, make purchases, tweet or perhaps make a call to others with our fancy phones.


With mobile apps on the rise, brands need to modify their channels of customer care to be more than just a mobile version of their FAQ page. The valuable real estate of a branded icon on a phone means that a personalized care solution must exceed the dreaded ‘next available representative’ we’ve become accustomed to.

One of the biggest challenges for an app is that the customer support needs to be on call and available at any given moment.  Whether  in China, the US or New Zealand the user expects that… Continue reading

A few weeks ago, I was enamored as my son proudly showed off his unique LEGO creations. As he explained the intricate details of his construction to me, I began to reminisce about my childhood and the sense of pride I felt every time I successfully formed a figment of my imagination into reality with LEGO. After watching my 3 year old fly away with his inter-galactic invention, it dawned upon me that LEGO has succeeded in unleashing generations of creativity.

What is it about these colorful blocks that make them uniquely timeless?


Multicolored Lego


It all started in 1931, in Denmark, by master carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen. Once based in a small carpenter’s workshop, LEGO is now a global enterprise, including amusement parks in four countries.   One simple mission drives LEGO’s 80 years of success—their mission,… Continue reading

While Google successfully ousted Apple in their recent Nexus 7 video campaign (to read why click here), products in other markets are also stepping up their game in the viral video marketing space. Old Spice is literally flexing its ad muscles with Terry Crews’ interactive (yes, interactive) Vimeo clip.

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

This campaign is probably best described as ad on steroids. Even the ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, admitted on their blog:

“Never has so much stupidity and technological breakthrough been combined into one thingy.”

In the video, the former football player and Expendables 2 actor combines his role as the Old Space spokesperson with his ripped physique and a zeal for blowing things up.
Terry Crews is featured as a herculean one-man-band with nodes connected to every (well, almost) muscle on… Continue reading


A story: Last night one of the computers in our house refused to recognize our wifi. I played with it for a while and even called our internet provider who said this was a computer issue, not an internet issue, and couldn’t help me. After quite a bit of frustration, I made a smart decision and tweeted “One laptop in the house refuses to recognize wifi while other is working fine. Ideas?”

Within minutes I had a tweet back from @LotusEvangelist (Keith Brooks) who made suggestions until he helped me figure out what was wrong. Turns out that despite the difficulty of shutting off the wifi button on this computer, someone had actually managed it. Once I turned it back on, voila – everything was back to normal!

This is not the first time that I have found computer… Continue reading


“The playground is now open” is the tag line for Google’s new ad campaign releasing its Nexus 7 Tablet. Apparently, the marketing team at Google is in love with the classic children stories we’ve all grown up on.   Curious George gets prime product placement in the female version, while  the ‘boys’ video offer The Little Prince and Horton Hears a Who cameo spots.

So what’s behind the campaign?

After seeing both videos, here’s what was probably behind the viral video campaign. In the Curious George video, the video plays on the curiosity of the consumer surrounding the Nexus 7. Everyone has been childishly interested about the release of this product to see if this tablet can play with their older brother and nemesis Ipad. In short, it’s a real game changer! Here’s a great review by a leading tech… Continue reading

Over the past couple of months, I’ve attend several conferences, tweetups and networking meetings. Each of them have offered a unique perspective on developments within the industry and offered some great takeaways for the audience. (You can read about the tomrrow2012 conference here, or the JWP session here).

On Sunday, I attended Sweetup2012. While I knew that males would clearly be the minority, the top-notch panelists were what really enticed me to drive to New York City (the insanely overstuffed SWAG bag didn’t hurt either). While the lack of wifi reduced the live tweeting, the incredible mounds of colorful candies that were all over the tables sweetened that potentially sour note.


When asked why the name Sweetup? Organizer Abbey Wolinsaid “because we love sweets and we love sweet dreams. Which is basically what’s going on… Continue reading

Yesterday, I had one of those AHA moments where two seemingly disjointed occurrences fit together like a glove to offer sound professional advice on how to truly succeed. In order to drive the point home, the events have been written in reverse order.

Part I

During the drive to my second meeting, yesterday, I listened as the sports radio host read from Curtis Martin’s epic Football Hall of Fame induction speech (the entire text of which can be found here). The speech was brutally honest, riveting and inspiring.

At one point, Curtis Martin explained that while most football players “live for the game…and eat, breath, and sleep football,” he played not for the love of the game but as a means to avoid the unbearable situation at home. Nervous that football was not his calling, Curtis Martin sought advice… Continue reading

In today’s economy, the non-profit sector is getting hit harder than ever. Not only are donations and contributions at an all time low, but now, more than ever, supporters and constituents are legitimately increasing their demand for organizational transparency and ensuring that they are getting the “best bang for their buck.” How can the staff at any organization remain resilient during these uncertain financial times?

There is no quick answer to this question. I wish it were as simple as a one word answer, unfortunately it’s not. After reading a myriad of articles on the topic on how to maintain staff composure during these tough market trends, perhaps a brief story can shed some light on how to transform a somber situation into an empowering and, perhaps even, an inspiring situation.

During a recent staff meeting, the current financial situation… Continue reading

Lee Wunsch, President/CEO at Jewish Federation of Greater Houston

Why did you initially get involved in social media?

I was seeking to broaden the band width of communications with multiple
constituencies, particularly as email was saturating the airwaves.

How does social media help develop your marketing strategy? How
has it changed the life of your organization/business?

It’s another vehicle for delivering messages and information; brings CEO closer to constituents particularly in younger age cohorts. Totally altered communication with young adults.

What are the most interesting conversations taking place in your
Twitter feed?

Usually around Israel; most local oriented posts don’t get much traction.

What tips can you offer to a company/ organization about to join the
social media community?

Start slowly, your CEO needs to learn, commit and be hands on with this tool. Can help shape their profile, as well.

Who… Continue reading

Yesterday, I ventured to the Amuta 21c Conference to meet, hear and learn from professionals from across the profit and non-profit sectors. This conference was a perfect setting for professionals to discuss common issues, share mutual experiences and keep up with the constant changes around us so we can become catalysts for our respective organizations.

The day began with a bang as Dame Stephanie Shirley, the Former UK Ambassador for Philanthropy and the Founder of Ambassadors for Philanthropy, inspired the crowd with her unique story. From being a child on the Kindertransport  to her son’s autism, Dame Shirley shared with the audience how she transformed her childhood nightmares and became a ‘pathfinder and crusader in the professionalism of women in the UK’ and a major philanthropist on a variety of causes.  While Dame Shirley’s entire speech should be read and… Continue reading