Insights from SMX Israel 2014

SMX Israel 2014

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This year’s SMX Israel was chock-full of information about SEO, social media and PPC. Most of the sessions I attended dealt with ways to create great online content and distribute it widely.

One of the best lines of the conference was coined by Laura Ben-David of LBD Creative, who said “Content is king, but the queen is context.” It’s not just about writing good content, it’s about writing content that’s relevant to your audience. It’s about choosing the right social media channels for a specific piece of content and writing the blurbs to attract that particular audience.

Ashley Tate continued the theme of writing for your audience when she talked about creating audience personas. By this, she meant that you should think about the different types of audiences you have so you… Continue reading

Israeli Presidential ConferenceAfter the first day of the Presidential Conference, Sharon Marks Altshul of The Real Jerusalem Streets posted pictures of many of the attendees, especially the bloggers. Someone posted on Facebook that she didn’t understand how all these people have time to go to conferences to be photographed with the same people over and over – don’t they have jobs?

The truth is many of the bloggers are freelancers and some of them work for organizations which value their participation in conferences, especially one as high profile as this one. But it’s also true that the main reason bloggers go to these events is to see and be seen, and chat with the people they don’t see between conferences.

The social media community can be tight-knit, especially surrounding a niche or a location. And Israel is such a small country that… Continue reading

Branding SecretsYesterday’s Temech Conference afforded the opportunity to hear two very smart women share their insights about branding for a business or organization.

Jamie Geller began the morning by telling her personal story and explaining how her story is part of her brand. As she says, “No one can be you but you.” A brand is something that customers can believe in, so logos, taglines, web presence etc. should all connect to your audience’s emotions. Your voice and your mission are what distinguish you from the competition. Combine that with a clear statement of what problem you solve with your service or product, and you have a successful brand.

Jamie emphasized the “three golden circles” – why, how and what. Ordinary brands focus on the “what” – the product or service itself. Extraordinary brands are more concerned with “why,” then the… Continue reading


SMX Israel - Mary Weinberg

Marty Weinberg finds a baby to cuddle at SMX Israel. Photo courtesy of Real Jerusalem Streets.

SMX Israel is the country’s most well-known SEO conference. This year it took place at the Inbal Hotel on January 6. There were many dynamic and exciting speakers and some important information imparted.

Kahena Digital has already written about the more technical SEO lessons learned at this year’s SMX Israel, so I would like to share some of the social media lessons:

  • Gil Reich talked about the dangers of looking like a content scraping site even if you aren’t one. He advised web designers and developers to invest in making sure the site design reflects its quality content.
  • Jon Burg suggested that if you are tweeting for a company and customer complaints come through Twitter, don’t present it as a problem. This will… Continue reading

Over the past couple of months, I’ve attend several conferences, tweetups and networking meetings. Each of them have offered a unique perspective on developments within the industry and offered some great takeaways for the audience. (You can read about the tomrrow2012 conference here, or the JWP session here).

On Sunday, I attended Sweetup2012. While I knew that males would clearly be the minority, the top-notch panelists were what really enticed me to drive to New York City (the insanely overstuffed SWAG bag didn’t hurt either). While the lack of wifi reduced the live tweeting, the incredible mounds of colorful candies that were all over the tables sweetened that potentially sour note.


When asked why the name Sweetup? Organizer Abbey Wolinsaid “because we love sweets and we love sweet dreams. Which is basically what’s going on… Continue reading

Yesterday, I had one of those AHA moments where two seemingly disjointed occurrences fit together like a glove to offer sound professional advice on how to truly succeed. In order to drive the point home, the events have been written in reverse order.

Part I

During the drive to my second meeting, yesterday, I listened as the sports radio host read from Curtis Martin’s epic Football Hall of Fame induction speech (the entire text of which can be found here). The speech was brutally honest, riveting and inspiring.

At one point, Curtis Martin explained that while most football players “live for the game…and eat, breath, and sleep football,” he played not for the love of the game but as a means to avoid the unbearable situation at home. Nervous that football was not his calling, Curtis Martin sought advice… Continue reading




Yesterday, J-Town Productions hosted its monthly Jerusalem Web Professionals (JWP) seminar. This seminar focused on Advanced SEO Tactics. The presenters at this seminar, Gab Goldenberg, Mark Ginsberg and David Miles are leaders in the field and their experience and knowledge boosted the morning’s rankings.

Gab Goldbenberg

Author of Advanced SEO tactics, challenged the audience to reimagine how we approach SEO strategy. His main ideas were based on incorporating critical thinking and problem solving techniques into the overall SEO equation.

Gab’s 5 step process of critical thinking:

  1. Gather Information
  2. Define the Problem
  3. Research Existing Solutions
  4. Questioning the Logic
  5. Make a decision

These tactics seem almost irrelevant to the novice SEO professional or even those with more experience, but Gab’s basic assumption was that SEO, like all problems, should be approached critically. Simply attempting to rewrite or bypass the… Continue reading

Thursday’s Panel Discussion on “The Tomorrow of Jewish Philanthropy” painted a rather unique picture of the future of philanthropy; considering that a majority of the panelists were representatives of the Jewish Agency/ Keren Hayesod from their respective countries. While these leaders can offer insight into one of the directions in which philanthropy is headed, their opinions represent a small portion of the actual philanthropic landscape. The only non-Keren Hayesod panelist was Brandeis President, Professor Fredrick M. Lawrence whose insights and comments were unique within the mix.

The goal of the panel was to highlight how Jewish Philanthropy has adapted itself in light of the younger generation’s change in position towards philanthropy, technological developments, and other challenges that affect the Jewish fundraising environment.

Several statements shed light on emerging trends on where non-profit professionals should begin to invest the limited staff… Continue reading

Bloggers with Peres at Israeli Presidential Conference

Bloggers with Peres at Israeli Presidential Conference

The Israeli Presidential Conference, which took place June 19-21, was the largest conference I had ever attended. There were quite a lot of bloggers there, as the organizers invited them to come as members of the press. Since there were a ton of sessions and each person could only attend so many, my perspective on the conference would be quite narrow. So I have asked various blogger friends of mine to tell us about their best lesson and biggest disappointment from the conference.

Hannah Katsman, A Mother In Israel

The best part was exposure to brilliant minds from all over the world. The worst was the lack of discussion of social issues affecting children and families.

Elli Fischer, Adderabbi

Biggest lesson: If you walk around like a macher, people will treat you… Continue reading

Kishor Conference

The Real Jerusalem Streets by Sharon Altshul

Today I attended the Kishor Conference, a day-long event for women who run businesses or are planning on starting one. The atmosphere was friendly, with great networking opportunities. The workshops were of excellent quality and the food was wonderful (that’s an important aspect of a conference too).

There were many important marketing lessons imparted at the conference. Here are some of my personal favorites:

  • Consider doing volunteer work which results in exposure. (Hadassah Rosenberg)
  • Continuing education can be a way to get ahead when others are working longer hours and getting promoted sooner. (Hadassah Rosenberg)
  • Perfect your elevator pitch by focusing on the customer’s problem, what you offer and how it will benefit him. (Naomi Elbinger)
  • Luxury items can be priced more expensively than necessities regardless of their true value. (Issamer… Continue reading