On a recent Israel Scaventure Blogger Hunt, I was reminded of a fascinating episode in the history of Jerusalem. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the entire Jewish community of Jerusalem resided within the Old City walls. Overcrowding and lack of hygiene was a serious problem, so philanthropist Sir Moses Montefiore proposed building a new neighborhood outside the walls. When the community balked due to security concerns, Montefiore did not give up. He built the neighborhood, named it Mishkenot Shaananim (Homes of Peace), closed it off with gates and provided free rent to all families. The neighborhood was soon populated, and despite the very real security problems, it survived and flourished. Today, the area is one of the most picturesque – and safest – neighborhoods in the city.

Think Outside the Walls

Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary, just as… Continue reading

RedditReddit is a user-generated community in which members submit post and links. As with all social media platforms, it has great potential for marketers who want to get more eyeballs on their content and reach new untapped audiences. In fact, statistics show that the site has a lot of traction for e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay. However, unlike other social media platforms, Reddit does not provide a space for businesses, so you need to join as an individual and interact in a personal way. If you’re new to marketing on Reddit, here are 5 tips on doing it well:

  1. The Reddit community is very wary of marketers and PR people, especially when they attempt to masquerade as innocent users. But marketers who identify themselves as representatives of a company and offer special deals only for Reddit users, can be… Continue reading

Branding SecretsYesterday’s Temech Conference afforded the opportunity to hear two very smart women share their insights about branding for a business or organization.

Jamie Geller began the morning by telling her personal story and explaining how her story is part of her brand. As she says, “No one can be you but you.” A brand is something that customers can believe in, so logos, taglines, web presence etc. should all connect to your audience’s emotions. Your voice and your mission are what distinguish you from the competition. Combine that with a clear statement of what problem you solve with your service or product, and you have a successful brand.

Jamie emphasized the “three golden circles” – why, how and what. Ordinary brands focus on the “what” – the product or service itself. Extraordinary brands are more concerned with “why,” then the… Continue reading