Non- Profit Work

As a person interested in all things Jewish, I have been following the Jew in the City brand on Facebook for a while.  About four months ago, I started seeing postings about an upcoming video.

Some examples:

We’re setting up filming gear as @alexanderclare does sound checks. Unreal!!

the outfit for today’s shoot is by KAVIARRI (thanks, guys!) and a big thank you to JITC stylist Sharon Langert of Fashion-Isha who makes sure that everything looks perfect from head to toe! 🙂

i film MY part for the all stars video on Wednesday morning. better learn my lines!!

My husband (who is a corporate attorney in the city) and I both agree that finishing up this video has made me more busy than a corporate attorney! (He also told me I need to take a vacation when it’s over).

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Thursday’s Panel Discussion on “The Tomorrow of Jewish Philanthropy” painted a rather unique picture of the future of philanthropy; considering that a majority of the panelists were representatives of the Jewish Agency/ Keren Hayesod from their respective countries. While these leaders can offer insight into one of the directions in which philanthropy is headed, their opinions represent a small portion of the actual philanthropic landscape. The only non-Keren Hayesod panelist was Brandeis President, Professor Fredrick M. Lawrence whose insights and comments were unique within the mix.

The goal of the panel was to highlight how Jewish Philanthropy has adapted itself in light of the younger generation’s change in position towards philanthropy, technological developments, and other challenges that affect the Jewish fundraising environment.

Several statements shed light on emerging trends on where non-profit professionals should begin to invest the limited staff… Continue reading

In today’s economy, the non-profit sector is getting hit harder than ever. Not only are donations and contributions at an all time low, but now, more than ever, supporters and constituents are legitimately increasing their demand for organizational transparency and ensuring that they are getting the “best bang for their buck.” How can the staff at any organization remain resilient during these uncertain financial times?

There is no quick answer to this question. I wish it were as simple as a one word answer, unfortunately it’s not. After reading a myriad of articles on the topic on how to maintain staff composure during these tough market trends, perhaps a brief story can shed some light on how to transform a somber situation into an empowering and, perhaps even, an inspiring situation.

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