While Google successfully ousted Apple in their recent Nexus 7 video campaign (to read why click here), products in other markets are also stepping up their game in the viral video marketing space. Old Spice is literally flexing its ad muscles with Terry Crews’ interactive (yes, interactive) Vimeo clip.

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

This campaign is probably best described as ad on steroids. Even the ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, admitted on their blog:

“Never has so much stupidity and technological breakthrough been combined into one thingy.”

In the video, the former football player and Expendables 2 actor combines his role as the Old Space spokesperson with his ripped physique and a zeal for blowing things up.
Terry Crews is featured as a herculean one-man-band with nodes connected to every (well, almost) muscle on… Continue reading


“The playground is now open” is the tag line for Google’s new ad campaign releasing its Nexus 7 Tablet. Apparently, the marketing team at Google is in love with the classic children stories we’ve all grown up on.   Curious George gets prime product placement in the female version, while  the ‘boys’ video offer The Little Prince and Horton Hears a Who cameo spots.

So what’s behind the campaign?

After seeing both videos, here’s what was probably behind the viral video campaign. In the Curious George video, the video plays on the curiosity of the consumer surrounding the Nexus 7. Everyone has been childishly interested about the release of this product to see if this tablet can play with their older brother and nemesis Ipad. In short, it’s a real game changer! Here’s a great review by a leading tech… Continue reading


Hillel Fuld, Ruth Waiman and Hamutal Meridor on the social media panel at Amuta21C. Photo courtesy of Jesse Nowlin.

Yesterday we attended the Amuta21C conference (#amuta21c on Twitter), held in Jerusalem and organized by Shoshanna Jaskol and Jonny Cline. The conference was geared toward non-profit organizations and included some workshops on how to market an organization.

Video marketing

Jay Bailey of RapidFire Consulting gave some really good pointers about creating exciting video marketing. One of the more interesting points was that despite conventional wisdom that videos should be short, if you make them too short you will not be able to get your message across. Jay recommended a video length of 1.5-2 minutes.

Another great point was that you should forget about trying to get a video to go viral. A viral video appeals to an extremely broad… Continue reading

You may remember that I participated in a social media panel geared toward non-profits. The topic was: Is Social Media Overrated? and of course the answer was no. If you want to know more than that (and I know you do), check out the video of the panel:

FONSI Is Social Media Overrated? from Causil on Vimeo.

Video is as viral as it gets. More people share video on social media than any other type of media. (Don’t believe me? Check out this article on Social Media Examiner.) Businesses often have budgets for creating videos promoting their products. They can re-purpose videos created for other reasons (ads, presentations), post them on YouTube and link to them. But if you are a non-profit website, or a website dependent on Google AdSense revenue, chances are you don’t have videos and don’t have the funds to create anything pricey.

The first thing you need to know is that you don’t actually need money to create an awesome video. All you need is a decent video camera (if you don’t own one, borrow). Ask a friend or family member to record you talking about your favorite topic. If you have the… Continue reading