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Like it or not smartphones are quickly taking over the mobile world. These devices are revolutionizing our daily routine, particularly the method in which we communicate with the world. Many of us, read, play, make purchases, tweet or perhaps make a call to others with our fancy phones.


With mobile apps on the rise, brands need to modify their channels of customer care to be more than just a mobile version of their FAQ page. The valuable real estate of a branded icon on a phone means that a personalized care solution must exceed the dreaded ‘next available representative’ we’ve become accustomed to.

One of the biggest challenges for an app is that the customer support needs to be on call and available at any given moment.  Whether  in China, the US or New Zealand the user expects that… Continue reading

A few weeks ago, I was enamored as my son proudly showed off his unique LEGO creations. As he explained the intricate details of his construction to me, I began to reminisce about my childhood and the sense of pride I felt every time I successfully formed a figment of my imagination into reality with LEGO. After watching my 3 year old fly away with his inter-galactic invention, it dawned upon me that LEGO has succeeded in unleashing generations of creativity.

What is it about these colorful blocks that make them uniquely timeless?


Multicolored Lego


It all started in 1931, in Denmark, by master carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen. Once based in a small carpenter’s workshop, LEGO is now a global enterprise, including amusement parks in four countries.   One simple mission drives LEGO’s 80 years of success—their mission,… Continue reading

Yesterday, I had one of those AHA moments where two seemingly disjointed occurrences fit together like a glove to offer sound professional advice on how to truly succeed. In order to drive the point home, the events have been written in reverse order.

Part I

During the drive to my second meeting, yesterday, I listened as the sports radio host read from Curtis Martin’s epic Football Hall of Fame induction speech (the entire text of which can be found here). The speech was brutally honest, riveting and inspiring.

At one point, Curtis Martin explained that while most football players “live for the game…and eat, breath, and sleep football,” he played not for the love of the game but as a means to avoid the unbearable situation at home. Nervous that football was not his calling, Curtis Martin sought advice… Continue reading




Yesterday, J-Town Productions hosted its monthly Jerusalem Web Professionals (JWP) seminar. This seminar focused on Advanced SEO Tactics. The presenters at this seminar, Gab Goldenberg, Mark Ginsberg and David Miles are leaders in the field and their experience and knowledge boosted the morning’s rankings.

Gab Goldbenberg

Author of Advanced SEO tactics, challenged the audience to reimagine how we approach SEO strategy. His main ideas were based on incorporating critical thinking and problem solving techniques into the overall SEO equation.

Gab’s 5 step process of critical thinking:

  1. Gather Information
  2. Define the Problem
  3. Research Existing Solutions
  4. Questioning the Logic
  5. Make a decision

These tactics seem almost irrelevant to the novice SEO professional or even those with more experience, but Gab’s basic assumption was that SEO, like all problems, should be approached critically. Simply attempting to rewrite or bypass the… Continue reading

In today’s economy, the non-profit sector is getting hit harder than ever. Not only are donations and contributions at an all time low, but now, more than ever, supporters and constituents are legitimately increasing their demand for organizational transparency and ensuring that they are getting the “best bang for their buck.” How can the staff at any organization remain resilient during these uncertain financial times?

There is no quick answer to this question. I wish it were as simple as a one word answer, unfortunately it’s not. After reading a myriad of articles on the topic on how to maintain staff composure during these tough market trends, perhaps a brief story can shed some light on how to transform a somber situation into an empowering and, perhaps even, an inspiring situation.

During a recent staff meeting, the current financial situation… Continue reading

Does your website highlight the most important aspects of your message? Or do your users have to wade through tons of other content to find your main message?

While today’s websites are better updated than those a decade ago, there are many sites out there that don’t update often enough. Maybe they figure their social media updates will be sufficient. (Sad, but sometimes true.) Or maybe they update the site, but only the small things, leaving large images or chunks of information on their homepage, despite the fact that these items have since taken a back seat.

But for you, this will not do!

Your most important messages should appear up front and center. Lesser items should be relegated to sidebars or inner pages. Don’t sell yourself short, update your website and strengthen your position on the web.

If you’ve analyzed the content… Continue reading

This morning we are designing for a real estate-related project and reminded of the famous line that it’s all about “location, location, location.” Well, it turns out that in web design, it’s all about “photos, photos, photos.”

What do we mean?

We mean that you can’t use a cellphone pic from your friend’s birthday party as your bio photo.

We mean that, no, your product will NOT look good photographed in your kitchen with the garbage pail in the background.

We mean that, sorry, we can’t use copyrighted images stolen from a google image search.

We mean that if the photo is grainy, dark, low resolution, or in any way blurry – please, please, please don’t use it.

What photos should we use?

Here are some best practices for a clean-looking website:

DO use a professional photographer for your bio photo and product photos.

DO purchase copyright-cleared… Continue reading

You already know that your website needs to have impeccable grammar and spelling. But what if you’ve proofed your text and it’s fine?

Do you still need a writer?

You probably think not. But there are instances when even a “well-written” piece is not exactly right. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but sometimes it’s well worth it to hire a writer. Here are a few situations that are pretty common.

Website owners struggle with how to present their own work.

Hey, it’s hard to describe what you do! You do so much, and it’s all in your head, but even for the best of us, it may be tough to put down. Let a writer help.

The description is there, but key points are missing.

As you write your content, you’ll need to look at your work from the perspective of… Continue reading