SMX Israel - Mary Weinberg

Marty Weinberg finds a baby to cuddle at SMX Israel. Photo courtesy of Real Jerusalem Streets.

SMX Israel is the country’s most well-known SEO conference. This year it took place at the Inbal Hotel on January 6. There were many dynamic and exciting speakers and some important information imparted.

Kahena Digital has already written about the more technical SEO lessons learned at this year’s SMX Israel, so I would like to share some of the social media lessons:

  • Gil Reich talked about the dangers of looking like a content scraping site even if you aren’t one. He advised web designers and developers to invest in making sure the site design reflects its quality content.
  • Jon Burg suggested that if you are tweeting for a company and customer complaints come through Twitter, don’t present it as a problem. This will cause your employers to rethink their investment in Twitter. Instead, come up with a solution and present it to the company as an opportunity.
  • Tzafrir Rehan presented a Chrome extension he created which does all the things you wish Google + did – including, most importantly, scheduling. The extension is called Do Share.
  • Shira Abel pointed out that fans brought in to your Facebook page because they were offered a free product are as bad for business as bought likes. Lack of engagement on your page will cause Facebook to make it less visible to fans.
  • Shira also reminded us that it takes about ten times of hearing about a brand until a potential customer learns to trust it. This is why social works but also why it is so hard to track.
  • Kelli Brown says pages can be merged on Facebook but it usually requires a personal relationship with a Facebook employee. If you don’t know one, hire one of the larger social media agencies who does.

Thanks to all these wonderful presenters for their great tips. If I’ve left out anything vital, feel free to add more lessons in the comments.


Photo credit: Sharon Altshul of Real Jerusalem Streets.

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