Over the past couple of months, I’ve attend several conferences, tweetups and networking meetings. Each of them have offered a unique perspective on developments within the industry and offered some great takeaways for the audience. (You can read about the tomrrow2012 conference here, or the JWP session here).

On Sunday, I attended Sweetup2012. While I knew that males would clearly be the minority, the top-notch panelists were what really enticed me to drive to New York City (the insanely overstuffed SWAG bag didn’t hurt either). While the lack of wifi reduced the live tweeting, the incredible mounds of colorful candies that were all over the tables sweetened that potentially sour note.


When asked why the name Sweetup? Organizer Abbey Wolinsaid “because we love sweets and we love sweet dreams. Which is basically what’s going on here..with all these bloggers, brands and professionals, finally meeting up…It’s a sweet dream come true!”As a blogger and as a consultant to non-profits and small businesses, here are some of the incredibly practical lessons that I learned about at Sweetup2012:

 Lisa Alcalay Klug – the keynote guest speaker and author of Cool Jew and forthcoming book Hat Mamala

Lisa Alcalay Klug

  • Your blog should not only be a means of promoting a brand. It should serve a higher purposeFor another blog post about this unique message click here)
  • A blog should be a means or a platform to tell a story; a story that has the potential to be a part of a brand’s legacy.
  •  In this DIY age, there are always opportunities to be nice.
  •  Helping and sharing on social media is the key to online success.



Beth Rosen – 4keysmedia.com

   Succeeding in social media is like The Wizard of Oz:

  • Like Dorothy, you ways want to bring customers home (either your blog or your site).
  • Make sure to go slow as you navigate the vast work of social media.
  • It’s acceptable to reveal what’s behind the curtain so your customers feel included throughout the process.

You can read Beth’s full analogy here.


Joe Apfelbaum  SEO expert

  •  When trying to find keywords for your blog or website, think Goldilocks- not too vague or narrow and not too long, but just right.


  • In social media, the key is to make your blog or site ‘foundable.’ Try to answer people’s questions and identify what they may be looking for.
  •  People love to search for celebrities. Incorporate them into a blog post, follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Try to leverage relevant topics to your posts.  Think Chick-fil-a, Elections, or Olympic
  • Google loves themselves! Get involved on their platforms (google +, youtube) it will help.

 Melissa Chapman–  Duane Read’s SM gal and also blogger on marriedmysugardaddy.com

–          It’s been said many times but content is king. Write good, relevant content , consistently and will stick.

–          Sell yourself by telling businesses and brands that you can work with them (even for free at first)! Promote yourself by positioning yourself as the expert.


Sharon Langert- Fashion-isha

–          Develop and establish relationships via your blog

–          Comment on other blogs and Facebook page
Of all the panelists, I think Allison Joseph, of Jew in the City, said it best. In order to succeed online your brand should be have great name, a good logo and interesting content. Above all it should be something that you are absolutely passionate about.




Kudos to the entire Sweetup2012 team for organizing an amazing event!

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