Bloggers with Peres at Israeli Presidential Conference

Bloggers with Peres at Israeli Presidential Conference

The Israeli Presidential Conference, which took place June 19-21, was the largest conference I had ever attended. There were quite a lot of bloggers there, as the organizers invited them to come as members of the press. Since there were a ton of sessions and each person could only attend so many, my perspective on the conference would be quite narrow. So I have asked various blogger friends of mine to tell us about their best lesson and biggest disappointment from the conference.

Hannah Katsman, A Mother In Israel

The best part was exposure to brilliant minds from all over the world. The worst was the lack of discussion of social issues affecting children and families.

Elli Fischer, Adderabbi

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scavenger hunt

That's me, posing next to a clock we had to identify on the scavenger hunt. Photo courtesy of The Real Jerusalem Streets.

On Friday I was invited to a special blogger edition of a Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt, run by my friend Tali Tarlow. We were divided up into teams, and each team wandered the Jewish Quarter of the Old City according to precise directions we were provided with. We read about the places we visited and answered questions at each station. The genius of the scavenger hunt is that at each station there are questions geared for different age groups. So, while my fellow bloggers and I enjoyed counting the steps down from the Menachem Zion Synagogue, I think my 5 year old son will enjoy it more when I bring him.

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