Writer's blockBlogging and content writing for non-profits is creating and sharing relevant and valuable content that attracts, educates, motivates, and inspires your constituents and supporters to become your ambassadors and help you achieve your mission.

For some reason instead of producing regular content, which establishes a reputation, brand and customer outreach, organizations get hung up aiming too high. Organizations believe that if they are not privy to cutting edge research, new technology, or breaking news, then they should not say anything. Or as the archaic marketing message goes “remain silent unless spoken to.”

This theory is long gone. If an organization wants to remain relevant, they need to wake up and take control of the reins of their own destiny! Social media branding is based on who is talking the most.

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On Monday Hadassah discussed organizing web content to ensure that your website is clear about its mission and message.

This article will review some basic organizational tips (many need an entire blog post to flesh out details) on how to implement a successful social media campaign. Rushing in without proper training or know-how will result in mistakes that may not be able to be rectified. Regardless of whether your company or organization is a novice to the social media world or if you’re beginning to get the hang of it, these tips will reduce time and those frustrating moments, not to mention overall efficiency. 

Define Goals and Objectives

  • As you probably know by now, social media is one component of an overall long-term branding campaign. Define your primary goals and objectives. Do you want to drive more traffic to your… Continue reading

That was the title of my presentation at Future of Jewish Non-Profit Summit (FOJNP). The concept was to quickly (and I do mean quickly) overview some of the tools and tricks available online which can be used by a non-profit to spread its message. Of course, these tips can also be used for any type of content website and even (gasp) for a business.

Here are my slides from the presentation:

I understand that a video of the presentation (and the rest of the summit presentations) will be available online shortly.

The presentations I enjoyed most at the conference were the talk on Google Plus by Farra Trompeter of Big Duck and the JDeal presentation (by Grant Silverstein) about how non-profits can raise money and build their… Continue reading