Facebook GroupsAre Facebook groups just for fun or can they serve as a marketing tool? There are many fun and grassroots Facebook groups out there, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create one for marketing purposes.

Facebook groups are an excellent way to position yourself as an expert in your field. If you create a community around a specific interest and collect members who are genuinely interested in the topic, they will appreciate your knowledge and advice. A group where members can post questions, start threads about interesting or controversial issues and crowdsource for advice will be a valuable resource.

As the resident expert in the group, your name and your company’s name will become a household name to the members. They may become your clients/customers or recommend you to others.  Yours will certainly be the first name that comes to mind when they think of your niche.

A Facebook group, like any other social media endeavor, requires maintenance. Even if your members are extremely active, if you want to take advantage of the marketing potential, you must be quite active yourself. Don’t leave questions unanswered. Even responding, “I am not sure about this, will do some research and get back to you” is better than no response at all.

You will also want to post interesting content you have seen online and useful insights. Start conversations about your niche and keep them going by reacting to comments. Don’t overwhelm your members though; over-posting or turning the group into your own personal soap box is likely to drive your members away.

When setting up your Facebook group consider which settings are most useful for your purposes. An open group will attract more eyes but if the subject is sensitive people may feel more comfortable sharing in a closed group. Facebook allows you to choose whether to moderate all posts or simply delete inappropriate posts after the fact. If your niche is likely to attract spammers or inappropriate content, you may wish to moderate all posts. In order not to paralyze the group, you’ll have to check for new posts fairly regularly. You can start without moderation and change the setting later if necessary.

Do you market your products or services through a Facebook group? Please share your insights or questions below.

3 Responses to The Power of Facebook Groups

  • Aviva B says:

    Thanks for the tips, Hadassah. What’s the best way you’ve found to get people to join your FB group once you’ve made it?

    • Hadassah Levy says:

      One thing not to do is join people without asking them. People hate that! If the content is public the group will spread more virally. Another option is to post on other relevant groups inviting people to join and of course post on your own profile or page. Add a link to the group from your website and in any promotional materials you send out.

  • Rifka says:

    I agree with your title. I run a large group which grew fast because of the constant useful information I try to offer. It has been an exceptional marketing tool truly powerful.

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